• Hey! I’m Eliza, dear (also known as Eliza McLeod)…

    I’m a singer, songwriter and musician based in the gorgeous coastal town of Lennox Head, Australia.

Dear Bluesfest- you inspire me!

Oh how I loooooove Bluesfest!!! Sublime with Rome, Eagle and the Worm, Mat McHugh, Trombone Shorty, Josh Pyke, Mama Kin… the list goes on!

Gave me so much inspiration that I wrote a brand new song!

Check it out at here- ‘Stay The Night’


Happy New Dear!!

I hope you all have had a great year of fantastic friends, amazing food and beautiful music – I know I have!!! So, here’s to the year of twenty-twelve, which is off to an almighty start!


I’ve written and recorded an original song for my beautiful friend Sasha Phillips, called Listening, which you can check out here

I’ve also just covered 2 other songs (an Adele, and an ‘Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’:P) which are set to go up on my youtube channel within the next few days!

Gig-wise, this coming Sunday afternoon (the 8th of January) I will be playing at the Beef and Beach Restaurant (above Lennox Hotel) between 1.30 and 3.30pm for the late-lunch set! Come on over if you’re at the beach or just looking for a place to hide from the heat!!!




Merry Christmas from Eliza (rein)Dear!

We put up our Christmas tree tonight, but seeing as I had sung enough
Christmas carols to sink a boat (or a sleigh), we listened to Meatloaf while
decorating……… Haha:)

Sunday, I’m playing at the Beef and Beach in Lennox, from 1.30 to 3.30! I’ve
been finding new materials, as well as dusting off some old favourites! Who
doesn’t love some Norah Jones on their Sunday afternoon.

Not to mention, I finally discovered the song that I’ve been desperately
seeking… Apparently, no-one knows the song that goes “and iiiiiiii, da
daaa, da daa”…

To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra. I definitely recommend it. It’s

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

E xx

I love you, dear

Loads of new songs being written at the moment! I’ve recorded one, which
I’ve called Lionize – I’d love for you to check it out on youtube!
Click here…

E xx

Mes Chers

After a great run on triple j Unearthed, and being ranked 8th in the Pop
genre for 2 consecutive weeks, Eliza Dear has started gigging!

My first real proper gig was on the 1st of September, at Harvest Café in
Newrybar, where I supported my ArtStart mentors, Melia and Nerida Naughton,
from Scarlett Affection! It was such a fantastic night, and the girls played
brilliantly! I was so happy with the way I performed – I felt like I played

I also performed an hour set at the Sample Food and Lifestyle Festival on
September 10! This was such a great atmosphere, and I really enjoyed
performing for such a large group of people!

I’ve written a couple of new songs, and am still enjoying playing at Open
Mic Nights! I’m really looking forward to the holidays (hello sun!), and I’m
going to start looking for regular gigs in café’s and restaurants!

E xx