• Hey! I’m Eliza, dear (also known as Eliza McLeod)…

    I’m a singer, songwriter and musician based in the gorgeous coastal town of Lennox Head, Australia.

Deary Me!

Eliza, dear is now a Triple J Unearthed contestant!


So far, from a week of viewing, rating and reviewing, the newest original song, ‘Sleep’, is 68th on the Unearthed High charts (with the other two songs ‘Moving On’ and ‘The Bluesfest Song’ following close behind!!).


I would absolutely love love love if you could rate my songs, or even better, write them reviews! Check them out here…


E xx

My Dears…


So I applied to Arts Northern Rivers for their ArtStart – Youth Mentorship Program a few months ago, and received a mentorship with Melia and Nerida from Scarlett Affection!! This is so great – it’s a perfect match! It’s so exciting to see that my future in the music industry is so real and achievable. Melia and Nerida are fantastic! Not only are they professional and successful musicians in their own right, they run the amazing Scarlett School and have volunteered their time to mentor me!

The girls have such fantastic ideas for me – and not just on a small scale! I have a gigantic ‘To Do’ list stuck on my wall, which includes:

-       writing a list of all the covers I know

-       writing a list of all the songs I’ve written

-       writing more songs

-       entering the Triple J Unearthed High competition

-       performing at open mic nights around the area

-       attending gigs

-       researching festivals, open mic nights, and other places I could perform at

-       and more!

I’m so excited to start working on my list, and to start working toward my dream of being a successful musician!

So much love,